Saturday, June 6, 2009


First day, I met Tucker (here in his usual pose-waiting for tuna), the 18 year-old long haired grey guy. He's only a part polkadot cat, with the white half-mustache (the half-Groucho Marx look).  (He's got a white chest and white paws like me--could he be a cardi-cat?) 

We went nose to nose pretty fast. Not quite harmonic, but not much noise though. Sounds like he handles the lower register, I heard his Groucho voice,  "Mrumph! This is my house. Get use to it"   He can think that if he likes, because I'm into sharing.  Definitely, a bass. He talks a lot for a feline, "murere, mer, mraow"--all of it, tenor and baritone.  I wonder what he's saying?

I'm not sure about the other two cats.  If you follow LOLcats, you would know that there is the good ceiling cat who lives up and the evil basement cat who lives down.  Upstairs and downstairs is catland around here. Here's the upstairs versions--Kali and Smudge all glow eyes, they don't look ceiling cat to me.

I don't think I'll go up there, they has to come to me!

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