Sunday, March 6, 2016

It Keeps You Runnin'

Six years later---some issues with my own legs.  

Now four months post-surgery for a blown intervertebral disc . . . but I did not get the functional return we were hoping for.  However, I have had my wheels for three weeks and I find I can do all kinds of things. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ok, they are little and they are girls.  But they're cats. Do I have to claim them as sisters?

The big polkadotter is a thin calico, Kali. She's the soprano, though I've only heard her voice from a distance when she wants something--like, out! (but she doesn't know she is an indoor cat). Or when she doesn't want something, like, being held. Kali likes me--I can tell, because she visits me in my cubicle at night as she peers around my front door. She watches me from a distance or atop the desk close to the stairway for an escape route up, though I did get to chase her (slowly) around the track once or twice.  

The pudgy gray one, Smudge, has little almost hidden polkadots and thus also seems to be the hidden cat. I hope she's the alto I need. Except for one "yell" and one "eep", I haven't heard another squeak from her. She was all fur and claws when I first saw her yell. I've hardly seen her since. Put the mike on her, I tell the grips, she's going to need some electro-, I mean, some amplification there.  (And tell her she doesn't get a picture on my blog until she comes out from hiding.


What is this?

A promotion to Queen?
No, Thank you. 

(We Cardi's are sort of related to those Pembrokes, the Queen's dogs, but we ain't her.) 

Oh, my new People say this is just a little preventative, as a result of the last little preventative. My vet says my little incision has a little seroma (a small cyst thing with a little fluid) that I keep making a little worse by a little licking. What a little pain in the neck!  Soon, it will soon be a full scar and my beautiful brindled coat will cover it and NO MORE QUEEN COLLAR.  

Pay no attention to that collar in my upcoming pictures.  On the plus side, it makes a pretty frame for my smiling face and it has a nice bowtie.

 And I only have to wear it in the house, since it gets in the way of some serious sniffing when I am on my walks outside. And, in the house, I don't have to have it on when I'm attending to the antics and needs of my new People, especially playing and therapying with them. So, it is easy to be cooperative in putting it on and off (unlike one hidden cat that I've heard about).


Numers can be confusing.

My new People with the new knee has many legs.
And they change all the time. 3, 4, and 6. 

 Looky, here there are 5,or  6 ?!?

My other People that takes me for walks has only two.
No this isn't four and

                    and                                      this is one (but it is a smelly one).


I am ready to eat. Nom, nose, nom, nose, nose.

I said I was ready to eat, but not that.


I told you I was ready to eat, something else.
(How about some of that cat tuna?)


First day, I met Tucker (here in his usual pose-waiting for tuna), the 18 year-old long haired grey guy. He's only a part polkadot cat, with the white half-mustache (the half-Groucho Marx look).  (He's got a white chest and white paws like me--could he be a cardi-cat?) 

We went nose to nose pretty fast. Not quite harmonic, but not much noise though. Sounds like he handles the lower register, I heard his Groucho voice,  "Mrumph! This is my house. Get use to it"   He can think that if he likes, because I'm into sharing.  Definitely, a bass. He talks a lot for a feline, "murere, mer, mraow"--all of it, tenor and baritone.  I wonder what he's saying?

I'm not sure about the other two cats.  If you follow LOLcats, you would know that there is the good ceiling cat who lives up and the evil basement cat who lives down.  Upstairs and downstairs is catland around here. Here's the upstairs versions--Kali and Smudge all glow eyes, they don't look ceiling cat to me.

I don't think I'll go up there, they has to come to me!

Friday, June 5, 2009


This is my new theory of Corgi-Cat Compatibility: 

Not all cats have stripes (like Tigger has). 
Some cats are sort of friendly (like Tigger can be). 
Therefore; polk-a-dot cats are a moving target.  

See my Zenn diagram -- 

(the secret is I find lots of colored markers on the floor) .

P.S.  I'm still working on the conclusion to that logic problem.. 


I'll be backed up here by a well-tuned trio, The Cat Combo!
Here's the latest rehearsal session:

Let's see, thats Kali, Smudge, and Tucker, from left to right.
Oops, dropped a morsel, er I mean, a high note. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009



Honest, I've been busy, scribbling and posing and picturing.  

Just wait, you'll see my first week's of draft blogs come a rushing at you all at once . . .  kind of like I do. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We've been discovered. Our very potent source of energy. Mea culpa. I let the cats out of the bag. (No, not the real ones.) 

The power center of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

I didn't hide it very well. I apologize to the Corgis everywhere. It must have rolled out while I slept. 

They say I'm a power house. My new People were very surpised by my kineticisty, my energy and my vigor. Jacque and Sarah didn't warn them that battery was included. Mixed with rest, relaxation, reactivity, running, and real food, look out! 

Bye for now. Time to power up.