Saturday, June 6, 2009


What is this?

A promotion to Queen?
No, Thank you. 

(We Cardi's are sort of related to those Pembrokes, the Queen's dogs, but we ain't her.) 

Oh, my new People say this is just a little preventative, as a result of the last little preventative. My vet says my little incision has a little seroma (a small cyst thing with a little fluid) that I keep making a little worse by a little licking. What a little pain in the neck!  Soon, it will soon be a full scar and my beautiful brindled coat will cover it and NO MORE QUEEN COLLAR.  

Pay no attention to that collar in my upcoming pictures.  On the plus side, it makes a pretty frame for my smiling face and it has a nice bowtie.

 And I only have to wear it in the house, since it gets in the way of some serious sniffing when I am on my walks outside. And, in the house, I don't have to have it on when I'm attending to the antics and needs of my new People, especially playing and therapying with them. So, it is easy to be cooperative in putting it on and off (unlike one hidden cat that I've heard about).

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