Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ok, they are little and they are girls.  But they're cats. Do I have to claim them as sisters?

The big polkadotter is a thin calico, Kali. She's the soprano, though I've only heard her voice from a distance when she wants something--like, out! (but she doesn't know she is an indoor cat). Or when she doesn't want something, like, being held. Kali likes me--I can tell, because she visits me in my cubicle at night as she peers around my front door. She watches me from a distance or atop the desk close to the stairway for an escape route up, though I did get to chase her (slowly) around the track once or twice.  

The pudgy gray one, Smudge, has little almost hidden polkadots and thus also seems to be the hidden cat. I hope she's the alto I need. Except for one "yell" and one "eep", I haven't heard another squeak from her. She was all fur and claws when I first saw her yell. I've hardly seen her since. Put the mike on her, I tell the grips, she's going to need some electro-, I mean, some amplification there.  (And tell her she doesn't get a picture on my blog until she comes out from hiding.


  1. Hey Sis! I will trade my Mean Kitters for your Hidden Kitters anyday of the week! At least they don't trick you into thinking they kind of like you and then turn on you with those dang claws of theirs. Dog, they punk me all of the time!
    Your Bro,

  2. New reader. Read all the way back to moving day.
    Fun to see a brindle with lots of kitties. My brindle boy has four inside and many outside to put up with, but they are all doing fine.

    Enjoy that Cardi; I am.