Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is my corner, my cubicle and my crate? Hard to believe that this was the only picture my new People took of me on my first evening.  Something about not finding the camera.  Sheesh, Auntie Sarah took a better picture of me there before she said goodbye.  Finally, a found camera and a picture--even if it was almost past my bedtime. 

I'm a little slow in posting this weekend. It's a hard gig learning all the new Things. I'm scoping all the cool places to run and smell. You know there are only a number of sticks a girl can grab and carry in a single day. 

I'm meeting all the natives, even if there aren't very many dogs on the place.  Miss you already, Sarah, and Breezy and Syd and Darby and Uncle Gizmo.  It's strangely quite, it will definitely take some time getting use to. I may just have to make up for the lack of noise around here. The new People must be awful lonely with only ONE of me.  Boy do I have a big job to do. 

One of my people is still recovering from a surgery of their haunches, I think they call it a knee.  She was doing fine, but she took a tumble and fell--sprain, scrapes and pains.  No it wasn't me, it happened the morning before I came.  She's been having a bit more trouble getting around than before, but I sit next to her and make her feel better. (Am I a therapy dog, too?)  It sure makes that other one new People run around and and busy always doing things about the house.   But that'll change soon. 

More pictures and more postings, later 'gater.

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